• Feb 02, 2015

We are proud to share the news that Rewilder is one year old! We are thrilled to have accomplished so much in our first year, and met so many wonderful people along the way.  We have big plans for 2015, starting by saving a TON (literally, 2000 pounds) of material and strengthening our dedication to sustainable, local, innovative design.  We will continue to explore material possibilities, find new (discarded) materials that we can work with, cultivate creative partnerships with like-minded people, and make high-design, long-lasting products that challenge the status quo. 

As we move forward, we wanted to also look back at our first year saving and transforming over 700 pounds of material heading to off-shore landfills, and starting an important journey of social and ecological making: 

Our Collection

In one year, we have designed, prototyped, field tested, and produced 7 unique styles. We have done 4 photo shoots to tell the Rewilder story, where salvage materials + high design = environmental change. We have a bespoke process where each piece is hand cut, sewn with the utmost attention to detail, hand pressed, inspected, fingerprinted, and packed using all eco-friendly vegan packaging.

Our Headquarters

One year ago, we signed a lease on a small space in Hollywood, to create and grow the brand we envision. We redesigned, renovated, bought a cutting table and two industrial sewing machines, and transformed a vacant space into Rewilder HQ. In this small space, we control and manage all production, ensuring that each task that goes into making our product is handled efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Partnership      

Starting a company as best friends is invigorating. We have similar goals, drive, trust in each other, and belief in the power of good design to change the world.


We spent a good part of 2014 in Research and Development, learning how to work with our first materials - how they perform in different conditions and constructions; how to transform and transcend their original uses. One highlight was the discovery of "molting" ropes for flat, strong, comfortable handles. Another was developing a responsible technique for hand-painting, where each pattern piece is secured with reusable magnets. We mix to precise colors from eco-house paint and apply a thin layer to the filter cloth, creating a protective coating + design detail. 


We have celebrated many small moments this year, including designing, building, and publishing our own website; creating our Instagram,pinterest boards and a blog.  We celebrated our first write-up in Los Angeles Magazine; building a Rewilder booth at our first maker’s fair; doing our first in-person interview; putting our “Design More, Waste Less” tagline on the door. 

Another important milestone was our official PETA approval, of which we are extremely proud. Our material is cruelty-free, and working with salvaged materials reduces the need for new material production / waste.  The list goes on...we can safely say that it has been an amazing year.

The Rewilder Pack

Whether you are our family, friend, colleague, partner, talked about us, bought something, or simply learned something from us, we deeply appreciate your support. We can't do it without you. 

Thank you for sharing in our story for change. Here's to a beautiful future!
With love, 
Lisa + Jenny

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