Life Story of a Bag
Handcrafting bags ourselves in our small studio, we are intimately acquainted with the construction details – what it takes to make something long-lasting, strong and useful.  We believe that good design is not overly complicated, and that simple does not mean easy. 

FABRIC – Salvaged filter cloth from beer manufacturing, originally used for filtration of barley and hops. It is lightweight, strong, durable, breathable, and very beautiful, with a unique patina from manufacturing. Large breweries throw these filters away only weeks of use.

HANDLES – Salvaged climbing rope gathered from local gyms, who throw the ropes away when they are no longer safe for climbing. Using our proprietary 5-step process, we transform the ropes to strong, durable handles for your Rewilder bag. 

ZIPPERS – Our zippers are made locally in Los Angeles. It took us months to find a zipper company that we wanted to work with!

TAG – Look inside your bag for its embroidered limited edition number. R/W\R bags are bespoke made-to-order, and each one is numbered sequentially.  

DYEING - We never use chemical softeners, bleach, salt, or APEO’s. Our partner in this is a state-of-the-art plant that thoroughly treats wastewater and minimizes water and power usage.

SEAMING – French seams are used to create strong, long-lasting, elegant details.  

CUTTING – We nest our patterns to maximize material use. Our design process includes material yield studies that help us minimize waste. Off-cuts from our bags are used in other projects.

GROMMETS – This detail comes from the original filter cloths, which use grommets to stretch the fabric on racks. The grommets we use are made in the USA.


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