Rewilder’s Airbag Backpack—made from 100% upcycled airbags and seatbelts. The auto industry trashes 100,000 tons (the weight of 250 airplanes!) of non-recyclable material each year. We transform this lightweight, strong, waterproof, and beautiful material into the best eco backpack on the market.  Built for adventure, it fits a 15” laptop, 2 water bottles, and has a secret pocket for valuables. The best bags for the planet. Handmade in California. 

Welcome to Rewilder's pioneering past: iconic designs crafted entirely from upcycled materials. Every purchase is a bold statement against landfills. Yeah, you look good saving the planet. Craving a piece from our archive? Join our mailing list. When these legends return, you'll be the first to know.
Pre-order your 2023 Cali Vibes Fest upcycled bags! Learn more about the banner bags here.
Look up! Those large banners above the Vibes and Greens stages are about to be REMIXED into bags. After the festival, they’ll be delivered to the Rewilder studio for transformation into the reborn pieces you see!  
Your pieces will be different from the ones in front of you. They’ll be remade from 2023 banners above the stage. Each will be unique. Together, we’re saving a piece of the festival!
cali vibes stage banner for upcycling
These limited edition upcycled totes are a symbol of Coldplay’s commitment to sustainability — one initiative out of many to make the Music of the Spheres tour as low-impact as possible through the pillars of Reduce, Reinvent, and Restore.
Your purchase not only prevents more waste, but also cleans up the oceans: 100% of the profits benefit The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit dedicated to removing plastic from the ocean.

Why only three things? We’re not playing the fast fashion game; we’re here to set the board, flipping the script on what it means to be high-quality, high-design AND truly upcycled for maximum impact. Welcome to the Rewilder revolution—where less is boldly more.
Carry a piece of Dead & Company history. These super-limited quantity bags are made of show banners from Dead & Company’s Final Tour shows at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles. We’ve transformed these iconic banners into one-of-a-kind bags merging artistry, sustainability, and the musical legacy of the band. 
There are only 150 of each style of bag available, so don’t wait to purchase one of these super-limited quantity Dead & Company bags. 
Your purchase not only ensures these materials find second life and stay out of the landfill but also the proceeds of your purchase will support Dead Family Non-Profit Organizations, REVERB and HeadCount.
dead and co upcycle from banners to bags reverb
Our new collection of outdoor furniture is zero waste, sustainable, and super stylish. Made from upcycled airbags on the outside, and upcycled nylon and foam on the inside, it's an amazing way to make an impact at home, for our home planet Earth.
The one and only zero waste rain jacket, made from 100% upcycled components! This jacket proves that it IS possible to solve tough design challenges with upcycling. The details are innovative and exciting - magnets saved from the aerospace industry; an upcycled key as the top button; even the cord is fabricated by hand from automotive lining.