rewilder ceo stephanie choi, designer lisa siedlecki, scavenger jenny silbert
  • LISA SIEDLECKICHIEF DESIGN OFFICER: Lisa is an experienced accessories designer who has designed and manufactured millions of bags worldwide. Her design expertise extends trend analysis, luxury goods, trend forecasting, and factory production. She dedicates her decades of knowledge and experience to meeting the unique challenges of designing with only sustainable, upcycled materials at Rewilder.  She received her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in Fashion/Apparel Design from Drexel University. 

  • JENNIFER SILBERTMASTER SCAVENGER: Jenny is an architect turned sustainable designer with a passion for dumpster diving. Prior to Rewilder, she pioneered advanced materials and fabrication as a founding member of the 3-form Architectural Division. She managed complex architectural installations including the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. She has her Masters of Architecture from Yale. She is an avid surfer, sailor, and backpacker and the co-founder and farmer at Little City Farm LA.

  • STEPHANIE CHOICHIEF EXEC OFFICER: Stephanie is a problem solver with a passion for zero waste thinking that stems from her cultural upbringing as a first generation Chinese-American who grew up playing in the trash piles of her parents’ small cut-and-sew factory in Alhambra, CA.  She applies her background in science, research, marketing, and storytelling to share her passion for trash at Rewilder. She loves making bone broth,  a process of alchemy, transformation against all odds. 

The name Rewilder comes from the wolves of Yellowstone National Park. They grey wolf was reintroduced to the Yellowstone ecosystem in 1995, after being hunted and killed off in the 1930's, sixty years earlier. The presence of these wolves triggered a cascade effect among the plants and animals - rebounding beavers, healthy willow trees, a new and healthy direction for the river and riparian ecosystem, many more songbirds and fish, and effects still to be discovered. Rewilding is returning areas of land to a wild state, re-introducing things back to their natural habitat. We see our job as modern Rewilders - returning trash into the system and creating loops instead of lines, all in an effort to heal our ecosystem. The effects will be felt for years to come.
rewilding wolves of yellowstone national park
Like the wolves of Yellowstone,
We are here to upend the wasteful fashion ecosystem.
Starting a cascade of environmental change. 
Creating a positive feedback loop.
All it takes is a shift in perspective.
Small changes, big impacts.
And we are bringing big names to the table.
It can be done. 
These complex problems don’t need complex solutions. 
Simple, beautiful designs that Reverse the System.