Material Evolution
We take materials en route to the landfill and transform them into beautiful things.  Our journey began in 2014, when we quit our respective industry jobs to make a change in the way things are made and consumed. Check out this awesome short film created by The Makers Trading Co. that documents our process of material evolution:

    is an accessories designer who has worked with numerous fashion houses in New York and Los Angeles. Since graduating from Drexel University with a degree in Fashion Design, she has traveled the world designing and producing bags, accessories, and small leather goods for contemporary labels and luxury brands. Her experiences with factories in Italy, China, and Korea have shaped her current focus toward a more responsible use of materials and production. Her intimate knowledge of construction and artisan skill is reflected in the craftsmanship of every Rewilder product. Always taking into consideration the delicate balance between modern detail and classic shapes, Lisa pushes the design envelope in her discovery of new materials, development of techniques in the treatment of these materials, and the use of local sources. An advocate for animal rights and environmental sustainability, Lisa seeks to achieve a harmony of beauty and purpose - creating locally manufactured, vegan designs using repurposed materials.
    is a Los Angeles designer who has worked in material development and architectural problem solving that combines architecture, design and manufacturing to foster innovation. Her projects, both big and small, have centered around the creative use of materials. Her love of repurposing started as a child and has continued throughout her professional career as designer, teacher and fabricator. Jennifer received her Bachelor's Degree in Design and Art History from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture. She has taught Material Innovation at the graduate and undergraduate levels at Art Center College of Design, and is on the board of Materials & Applications, a Los Angeles based research center dedicated to pushing new and underused ideas for art, landscape and architecture.



Extending the useful life of a material; the evolution of a material from industrial byproduct to design object. Repurposing means that we are not making new material; instead, we’re careful to use materials that are already made. Repurposing is better than recycling.
Design is a powerful tool with the ability to influence thoughts and actions. As designers we feel responsible for starting conversations about the things we make and consume. We take a thoughtful approach to every decision – what materials we use, where we get them, how we fabricate, and with whom we partner.
Making things by hand brings us closer to the end product and allows us to thoughtfully consider each detail. The close-knit relationship between design and making results in beautiful, long-lasting objects that fulfill our intentions.
Production is hard, and we want to share our knowledge about the decisions we make. Ask us questions and we’ll answer them!
Los Angeles has the lowest green space per capita in the country. Even so, nature is all around us, and we believe in preservation both in our backyards and on a global scale. We support organizations that keep plastic out of the ocean, and keep waste out of our local natural resources. 
The price of our products reflects the actual cost of producing items in a responsible manner in the US.
We are passionately creative makers who believe in repurposing materials already in circulation rather than making them anew, and creating long-lasting products valued as design objects in order to inspire thoughtfulness and impact people's relationship with the things they buy.


REWILDING (N):  The practice of returning areas of land to a wild state, including the re-introduction of animal species that are no longer naturally found there. For a great example, look at the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park.
REWILD (V): To re-introduce animals or plants to their original habitat; To return to a more natural state.
REWILDER (N): A movement that explores new ways to create; a cultural shift toward more responsible and careful use of materials;  A person committed to solving problems with utmost respect for the Earth.