• May 06, 2015
Rewilder proudly introduces the Caution Collection – bold color on our classic silhouettes, calling attention to the transformation of salvage materials to high design. In your hands, fashion can be both a thing of beauty and a tool for positive change.

These bags change everything about how product is made – with thoughtful design, salvage materials, responsible processes, a commitment to fair wages and in-house manufacturing – proving that a better way of making is possible.

Our bags are modern, sustainable, and designed to last. Each one is hand crafted from salvaged filter cloth and climbing ropes with strong, durable details to ensure that you will carry them proudly for years to come.


The Caution Collection was born in a moment of passion discussing our limited natural resources, the stress of so much plastic pollution, and our own struggles with a disposable culture…while California Poppys were blooming in the city medians and the San Gabriel Mountains, vibrant inspiration that excited us to take action and be bold.

The Caution Collection bag is rebellious, self-confident and forward-thinking. We want to inspire conversation about how things are made, how they hold up in our everyday life, and where they end up in the future.


We’re here now, and what we do matters.  Carry chage with the Caution Collection, showing this weekend at Unique LA in downtown Los Angeles, and online for a limited time at

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life?

____ Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”


  • Jennifer Silbert

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