• Jun 01, 2017
Rewilder is our baby (now toddler) and we put all our love into its health and growth over the past 3 years. In the past year, we also birthed 2 infant humans, and had to figure out how to have both the babies and the business. Here’s a little behind the scenes on how we made it happen:
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  • We got more space. When Lisa was 6 months pregnant, we moved down the hall, doubling from 400 SF of jam packed studio to 850 SF
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  • We split up the space to accommodate a nursery and a design studio side-by-side. Each side has a window for natural light. The nursery has a quiet space for sleeping. Occasionally, both babies will nap at the same time - a small miracle. 
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  • We designed a perfect, no-fuss Baby Bag to keep our baby stuff separate from our work stuff.  A simple and organized bag minimizes our morning rush, and keeps us focused on the big picture.
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  • We built a sound proof wall dividing the design studio from the baby nursery, with a connecting door. We love having the babies so close, but this physical separation is vital to work. We close the door and focus on Rewilder. It took time to become immune to the babies every cry, and now work takes precedence over small things.
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  • We “baby proofed” the nursery and installed a recycled rubber floor. The nursery is a safe space for exploration and play. Baby proofing the space means we don’t have to constantly say “no”, and the babies can move around without danger.
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  • We did a wall mural. The Otomi style mural is laser cut paper wheat pasted on the nursery wall. It’s an extra, but the kids really do love the bright colors and shapes. Wheat pasting is fun, non-toxic and not precious.
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  • We hired an energetic, yogi nanny to be with both babies. Lucy adds a richness and light to Silas’ and Marion’s lives. We love the close relationship between the babies – they are truly best friends already – and we love how connected they are to Lucy.
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  • We pumped a lot of breast milk. Mom bosses best friend is the breast pump. It allows a world of flexibility and time management.
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  • Becoming a mother increases efficiency dramatically – we get a lot done when we have to, and make decisions more quickly than before. EXPERT + MOTHER = MAX PRODUCTIVITY. One day might include prototyping, new material development, outreach, meetings, and production prep. It also might be a surprise trip to the doctor.
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  • Mainly, we are flexible and embrace the chaos. Two babies is complicated (kudos to all the moms of twins out there!), so we work as a team, and help each other out. So far it’s working out just fine.



  • Jennifer Silbert

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