• Feb 27, 2018

Speaking about reuse, recycling, respect for the Planet and for animals, connecting ethical and fashionable accessories seems to be the new “trend”. “Mission” or “marketing”? Well, doesn’t matter if it serves to achieve the same goal: a radical change of mentality… 

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The brand I would like to talk about, comes straight from L.A. and it’s as ethical as brilliant! Rewilder bags in fact are made from – surprise, surprise – repurposed filter cloth originally used by the large American breweries for filtering hops and barley during the beer manufacturing process. The used filter cloth is perfect for bags, ’cause it’s durable yet soft, lightweight and built to last. Each year, the beverage industry gets rid of over 100,000 tons of this filtering material. Breweries use the filter cloth for a short period of time before needing to change the cloths to keep filtering at max capacity. So, let’s think about the waste created by this industry!

Fortunately Rewilder Team has had the great idea to recycle this particular cloth to create a gorgeous collection of bags in a uniquely vegan and sustainable way. From the smallest to the biggest, this brand offers a selection of many different bags, perfect for the beach, gym, farmers market or a weekend away, obviously with a really glam touch. 

The different patinas of each bag come from filtration of different beers: amber beer leaves a coppery tone, while dark beer leaves a silver-gray tone. Handles are made with used climbing ropes collected from climbing gyms after the ropes are no longer safe to use, another great invention, isn’t it? The hand-painting on the bags is done with reclaimed paint from the house-painting industry, and the fluo or metal colors used to paint the bottom create a perfect mix with the raw tone of the cloth. Every Rewilder product is limited edition and made-to-order in the company’s LA-based studio. So, if you love new fashion trends as well as eco-friendly, sustainable and animal-friendly accessories, you’ll def fall in love with this brand! #ingoodwetrust

  • Jennifer Silbert

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