• Mar 06, 2018

At Rewilder, we believe in sustainable fashion and are TRULY eco-friendly. We believe in responsible use of materials, and look for industrial materials that are discarded by the ton, engineered to last, and are NOT RECYCLABLE. The salvage materials we use are also so beautiful, with great design potential.

“In the future, we will all have to use resources - things we make and raw materials - more responsibly. Rewilder is leading the way by making thoughtful decisions at every turn,” says Siedlecki.

This month, we will launch a zero waste, eco friendly backpack made from automotive salvage. The raw materials are salvage airbag fabric and seatbelts, both amazing high tech, high performance materials. 

“In the right hands, fashion can be both an object of beauty and a tool for positive change,” says Silbert. “We are experts at taking used materials and making them new.”

The design of the airbag backpack is inspired by the material itself, drawing on its strengths (high performance, waterproof, built to last and crazy cool) to make a modern backpack that is thoughtful in purpose and design. Every bag is made in the our LA-based studio, and no two are exactly alike.

“Rewilder’s mission extends beyond our studio walls. We want people to think about where materials come from, how they fit into our lives, and where they go in the future,” explains Siedlecki. 

Having a sustainable fashion brand takes a lot of love and energy, focusing on the ways that we can make the best bags that are also the best for the planet. Salvage materials are hard to find, hard to work with, hard to dispose of, but ultimately make incredibly rad product with a tiny footprint. Join our pack to be the first to get your hands on a zero waste airbag backpack.

  • Jennifer Silbert

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