• Mar 03, 2023
metaverse miami chain stitch tee upcycled
Time to do this merch thing differently.
For the first ever Metaverse Miami, we did something really special - we piloted a new conference merch paradigm that puts community and the planet first. Instead of mass-produced stuff that’s bad for the planet, we handmade one-of-a-kind sustainable tees and hoodies. Each unique tee was then customized live with chain stitch detailing exclusive to Metaverse Miami. 
No two are alike. Introducing Zero Waste Merch!   
Metaverse miami upcycled tee
Rewilder and amR Studio teamed up at the first ever Metaverse Miami to make the world’s first zero waste merch. In the spirit of NFTs, we honor the scarcity of resources and create unique, one of a kind NFTees. We call it the Comeback Tee. Each tee was uniquely re-pieced and customized individually by hand with chain stitch detailing exclusively for Metaverse Miami. 
behind the scenes making metaverse miami upcycled tee
There has been a tidal wave of demand for more sustainable, circular solutions in the notoriously wasteful fashion industry. The craft of upcycling is highly sought after, but has been difficult to scale one-of-a-kind pieces made painstakingly by hand. 
That’s when you partner with us at Rewilder.
Our Comeback Tees are the most sustainable tees ever made, sourced from post consumer trash tees. Using upcycled tees saves our precious resources - water, carbon, energy, pollution, and also (perhaps most importantly) humans, since people are most likely to be exploited in fast fashion. We repurpose these discarded tees, restitch them into new works of art that are now valuable, collectible works of art, to be appreciated and worn for years to come. 
metaverse miami event     
At Rewilder, we’re reshaping the world’s trash by transforming it into works of art. 
The future of design is circular; it will use our precious resources more carefully and considerately. We are focused on using valuable materials that already exist, and ensuring that they stay useful for as long as possible. In this case, we have reworked unwanted, post consumer tees to continue their life cycle beyond what was originally intended. Each design we develop is unique and limited edition, giving a second life to beautiful but discarded tees. 
metaverse miami upcycled tee sustainble merch by rewilder


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